How to Get Windows 7’s Start Menu in Windows 10

Posted by Emma Spears on June 24th, 2016

With the rapid development of Windows 10, we know much users have upgraded to Windows 10. So there are many users curious about how to get Windows 7’s start menu in Windows 10. Also we can learn more about Windows password recovery. Below we can get detail guide. How to recover Windows 10 Start Menu […]

How to Login As Admin Windows 10 in Lenovo Laptop

Posted by Emma Spears on May 31st, 2016

In a Lenovo laptop Windows 10, you are able to create several accounts in it. You can also create an admin account with admin jurisdiction. To mention it, there is also a default administrator account in Windows 10 system. At the same time, in order to protect personal privacy, you can even set up the […]

How to Switch to Administrator in Windows 7 While Entering the Password

Posted by Emma Spears on April 25th, 2016

“How to switch to administrator in Windows 7 in the case that I forgot guest account password?” Actually to say, that problem is much complex to me, since I don’t know any professional orders about computer. But lucky enough to get the easy guide as below. How to switch to the administrator in Windows 7 […]

How to Unlock a Password Protected HP Pavilion Laptop Computer

Posted by Emma Spears on March 8th, 2016

“I forgot the login password of my HP Pavilion laptop computer and now I am locked out. Please help. It is a new computer runs in Windows 10. I create the login password last week and then I haven’t used it for a week or so. Now I am so confused of the password. I […]

How Can I Manually Unlock My Lenovo Windows 7 Ultimate Password

Posted by Emma Spears on February 20th, 2016

“I have lost Windows 7 ultimate password on Lenovo accidently, how can to fix?”To that case, we can learn detail guide about how to unlock Lenovo Windows 7 ultimate password in easy way. How to use Windows Password Key to unlock Lenovo Windows 7 ultimate password Windows Password Key is a all in one tool, […]

How to Unlock Acer Laptop That is Locked

Posted by Emma Spears on January 25th, 2016

“Oh no I lost my Acer laptop Windows Acer login password. I need your help. Does anyone know how to unlock Acer laptop Windows login password? I am locked out of it. Now I need to solve this problem. If you get the solution about it, please contact with me. Please share it with me. […]

How to get past password on Toshiba laptop

Posted by Emma Spears on December 15th, 2015

When you lost or forgot Toshiba laptop password and being locked out of computer. How to get past password on Toshiba laptop is a big trouble for you. Now we can get answers as below. How to get past Toshiba laptop Windows 7 forgot password in easiest way For laptops, actually to say it is […]

How to Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password Using Command Prompt

Posted by Emma Spears on November 26th, 2015

As the most famous Windows operating system of Microsoft, Windows 7 gets a lot of attentions from PC users. Even the latest Windows 10 still can’t replace its market share. Although mobile phone is more and more widely used, we can’t emphasize the importance of personal computer too much. Nowadays, we are accustomed to put […]

Forgot Dell computer Windows 10 password, how to fix it

Posted by Emma Spears on October 22nd, 2015

“For most Windows users have upgraded their Windows system to Windows 10, I have upgraded Dell computer to Windows 10 too. But I forgot Windows 10 password, how to reset?”Here is a simple guide to teach you how to reset forgotten Dell Windows 10 password. More details as below. How to use the tool-Windows password […]

How to Bypass Unknown Windows 10 Password

Posted by Emma Spears on September 30th, 2015

“Oh MY God! I lost my Windows 10 password and I hope I can bypass Windows 10 user login account password. If I can’t get into the computer, I will not use the computer to work. Also I have not backup the data in it. I think it will be a pity once I lost […]

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