Windows 8 has been with us for more than half a year now, I believe many of our readers have experienced the exciting new Microsoft system. So when you bought a Windows 8 PC and set up your user account for the first time, you must have encountered the screen says “Sign in to your PC” and two options were offered, sign in with your Microsoft account and sign in with a local account. “What is sign in with my Microsoft account, and what’t good with it?”, you might wonder, well, here I am to resolve the problems.

windows 8 sign in options

Way 1. Sign in Windows 8 with Microsoft Account

Microsoft account, most recently called Window Live ID, is a single sign-on web service developed and provided by Microsoft that allows users to log into many websites using one account.  The advantage of using a Microsoft account is that you can easily use the Windows Store, you can sync major settings between multiple Windows 8 computers, and more. If you already have an email associated with a major Microsoft service then you can use that, and if you don’t, then enter any email address and Microsoft will create an account for you based on that email address.

Way 2. Sign in Windows 8 with Local Account

Or you prefer to sign in with a local account, fine, this is the standard way that previous versions of Windows, like Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Widows XP worked. However, bear in mind that your account is only stored locally on this Windows 8 computer, and you will still need to create, or use your current, Microsoft account some time in the future if your plan on using the Windows Store to download apps.

Way 3. Log in to Windows 8 with Windows 8 PIN

When log in to your Windows 8 from a tablet, do you often feel that your well-designed complicated text password takes too long to tap? Well, Windows 8 boasts its feature of compatible with mobile devices like tablet and such by allowing Windows 8 users to log in with PIN. PIN, stands for Personal Identification Number, is almost the same as the regular password except you can only use numbers, and it has to be 4 digits long.  You can go to Control Panel →Users→Create a PIN to set up PIN for Windows 8.

create windows 8 pin

Way 4. Log on Windows 8 Picture Password

Getting tired of the boring textual password? Windows 8 offers another option, picture password. Picture password allows you log in to your system using a picture, instead of an alphanumeric string of characters: sketch a custom sequence of gestures on the top of a picture to verify your identity. If interested, go to Control Panel →Users→Create a Picture Password to create a picture password.

If you simply forgot your PIN logon or picture password, click to learn what to do when you forgot Windows 8 PIN and picture password.

create picture password


Pretty amazing, right? In many cases people just forgot their password and got lock outside their own PC, now before you do, check how to create a Windows password reset disk to prevent such incidents.

And if you already forgot the password of your Windows 8, then try this professional Windows password reset program to unlock your PC.

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