It has happened at least once to most of us—forgot Windows XP password. This has long been a common problem for many computer users.

What would you do when you forgot Windows XP pro password?

Simply change Windows XP password forgot by another user account?

Reset it by reinstalling Windows XP machine?

Send the machine to the service center where you bought?

Think hard until you remember what the password is?

Give it up just let it go?

Usually people would think of the above ways to handle with the Windows XP password forgotten problem. Except for the last one—GIVE UP, all the others I think they are deserved to have a try. It should be noted that we should never give a password forgotten or locked machine up since there are ways to well deal with it. So, what are those ways on earth?

What are the safe and easy ways if Windows XP admin forgot password?

Undoubtedly changing the forgotten password by another user account on the machine is the best one, easy and safe enough.

However, how would you do what if there are no more such user accounts on the PC? Reinstall the PC or send it to the service center? This can be the last straw, I think since doing that you may risk in losing your previous data on the PC.

If so, why not try professional third-party application on forgot Windows XP administrator password?

You may never get to know such third-party applications for resetting forgotten Windows XP password. Now let me explain a useful app to you.

Windows Password Key  

As far as I know, Windows Password Key is a very easy and fast tool to reset the forgotten user passwords on any Windows systems without formatting or reinstalling the system. Below are the simple steps on how to reset forgotten Windows XP password with it.

Step1: You can free download Windows Password Key Standard and then install, run it on any PC which you can access to.

Step2: Insert a blank and writable CD or DVD to the PC and burn the image file of Windows Password Key Standard to it for making a Windows XP password reset disk.

Step3: Put in the newly burned CD or DVD to the target computer and start to remove the forgotten password with it.

Well, 3 easy steps will help forgot XP password reset with Windows Password Key tool! You may have a try to rescue XP pro computer password quickly!

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