“I need to burn iso image into usb drive but I have no idea about that. Could someone help me right now? Thanks in advance.”

It seems that sometimes we are going to burn ISO image to USB flash drive but unfortunately we are lack of the related knowledge. Therefore, we would like to spare no effort to figure out how to do that. In what situation we need to burn the ISO image to USB? When we need to burn software into CD/DVD/USB; when we hope to burn lots of files into CD/DVD/USB disc; when we … In a word, we want to burn ISO to USB just because we need it. At the same time, the most of us want to figure out free way to burn it. So that’s why we talks about how to use free method to burn ISO to USB here.

Tool 1: Use Windows Password Key Professional to Burn ISO to USB

The Windows Password Key Professional version supports USB burning. It is designed to reset Windows login password for all the persons who lost it, however, you need to burn it to CD/DVD/USB when before using it. Therefore, it is just what you needed and the most important key point is that it is not free but has a free trial. In order to burn your ISO to USB disc, the free trial is enough. This Windows Password Key supports all the Windows OS. Now you can see how to do that as below:

Step 1: You can just CLICK HERE to download its free trial from its official website.

Step 2: After that, try to install this software to your Windows-based computer.

Step 3: Open this software and then choose the targeted ISO file when clicking the “Browse” button.

Step 4: Insert your USB flash drive to the computer and then select USB flash drive.

Step 5: Click the “Burn” button and then the processing is finished.

Tool 2: Use Windows Password Key Enterprise to Burn ISO to USB

Just the same as Windows Password Key Professional, this Windows Password Key Enterprise is the third edition of Windows Password Key. It is the best version of this password reset tool and it supports CD/DVD/USB as well. Any Windows OS (Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista…) can be supported. The steps are a bit different with Pro edition.

Step 1: Download Windows Password Key Enterprise free trial and install it to your PC.

Step 2: Click the “Advanced Recovery” that at the bottom of the UI.

Step 3: Select the Windows Version and then choose the USB flash drive.

Step 4: Click the “Browse” button to choose the correct ISO path.

Step 5: Click “Burn” button and then wait for a while to finish the burning.

Tool 3: Use Rufus to Burn ISO to USB

Rufus is another famous and easy-to-use free program to burn your ISO image to USB flash drive. It is nice to create bootable USB drives as well. The process is as like the first and second tool but in summary it is so similar with them. The brief process is download, insert and burn. But the most difference is you don’t need to install it because it is a portable application. And its drawback is that compare to the former two methods, Rufus is a little difficult to use. What’s more, it doesn’t support Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Step 1: You can just download the .exe file and then insert your USB disk.

Step 2: Choose the Device, Partition scheme, File system, Cluster size, New Volume label and Format Options that fit your drive. These settings need some time to understand.

Step 3: Click Start button and start to burn or click the Close button to close it.

Well, that’s all about how to burn ISO file to USB flash drive by using these three tools. Last but not least, don’t forget to check whether your USB disk is blank or not.

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