“I want to change my screen refresh rate for a nicer display for the eyes in my Windows 10 computer, my problem is that I’m stuck at 60hz in the display setting NVidia, either DVI or VGA, and my screen is an Asus VE248, connected to VGA 1920×1080 and my graphics card is a GForce GT620 2GB. So does anyone knows how to change monitor refresh rate on Windows 10? “

Some Windows 10 users reported that reducing the monitor refresh rate helped them to get rid of the flashing screen. So it won’t hurt if we try this solution as well. While some others prefer to set high-frequency rate, so that they can get clear visibility, which results in less strain on their eyes.

Change Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 10

In most cases, the best choice is the highest rate possible, especially if you’re seeing a flickering screen or think a low refresh rate might be causing headaches or other problems. In this post, we will teach you a method to change monitor refresh reate on Windows 10, no matter higher or lower.

Below we will tell you how to change the monitor refresh rate in Windows 10 computer steps by steps:

1. Go to Control Panel on Windows 10, click on Display, and select “Adjust resolution” from the left sidebar. Or just right click on the free area on the desktop, then click on “Display Settings”.
2. Click on the “Advanced settings” in the next window.
3. Go to the “Monitor” panel.
4. In the smaller window that pop ups, under the Screen Refresh Rate, please choose the value you want, and then click OK
5. If the settings are functional, a small window will ask you to accept the changes. Click Yes.
6. Click OK.

And that is all. A high performance monitor can set the Refresh Rate to 120 Hz. If your Monitor Rate is higher, your display is better and very comfortable. Now try to change monitor refresh rate in your Windows 10 computer.

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