“I forgot my admin password on my Lenovo desktop with running Windows 10! I am on a guest account and I can’t do anything and use any programs with this account, and I need help for recovering¬† forgotten Windows 10 admin password on Lenovo ideacentre desktop, thanks!”

If you want to use a third party software to reset Windows 10 forgotten password

If the trouble to you is about Lenovo Desktop Windows 10 password recovery, you can try to use the tool-Windows Password Key. It is a all in one software to help Windows users reset all versions Windows password in several minutes.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any enterable computer.
Step 2: Using a blank CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Key on it. Then insert the newly created disk to Windows 10 Lenovo desktop.

windows password key enterprise

Step 3: Here to choose the Windows 10 account that you need to hack its password. After that, restart your Windows 10 Lenovo desktop, you will find there is no password requiring.

If you are using Microsoft Account on Windows 10

Step 1: Start from Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to persuade you to use an online Microsoft account to sign in to all of Microsoft services including Windows 10 system.

Step 2: If you want to reset the forgotten Microsoft account password that you use to connect to Windows 10 on Lenovo laptop & desktop, you can use a browser on another computer or tablet to go to https://account.live.com/password/reset.
Step 3: Then follow the steps it provides to complete the identity verification and reset Windows password, this may involve standby email and phone to receive the code and SMS text.

windows 10-5

If you are using a Local Account on Windows 10

Step 1: Lost your Windows 10 local account password can be very frustrating, as you can’t do the resetting process easily as you do for Microsoft account via online link on MS official site. However, if you had a Windows 10 password reset disk in hand, you can use it to bypass the account and create a new password. Try hard to think whether you made such a disk in the past.

Step 2: Check if your Lenovo Windows 10 computer has another account with admin permission to enter the machine. This will help you go to Control Panel and change the lost password of any account.
Another possible method is test all possible passwords you’ve ever used with password hint.

What if none of the above methods are available to you? Fortunately, there have been several more efficient means of resetting forgotten Windows 10 password to get access to your Lenovo ideacentre desktop.

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