When you lost or forgot Toshiba laptop password and being locked out of computer. How to get past password on Toshiba laptop is a big trouble for you. Now we can get answers as below.

How to get past Toshiba laptop Windows 7 forgot password in easiest way

For laptops, actually to say it is best not easily set a password, because the laptop power-on password is not like the PC, as stored in the CMOS circuit can be removed by the discharge current laptop are newer save the password in a few motherboard logic circuits, we are unable to break the individual.

Method1: To get past Toshiba laptop Windows 7 forgot password from safe mode

Step1: Restart your Toshiba laptop, after the splash screen appears immediately press the F8 key, select “Safe Mode with the command line.”

Step2: At the end of the line process, the system lists the system super user “administrator” and the local user “*****” selection menu, mouse click “administrator”, enter the command line mode.
Step3: On here you should type the command: “net user ***** 123456 / add”, forcing to change the “*****” the user’s password is “123456.”

Step4: To this add a new user (such as: user name abcdef, password is 123456), then type “net user abcdef 123456 / add”, after adding free “net local group administrators abcdef / add”.

Step5: The command will users upgrading to system administrative groups “administrators” of the user, and it has super powers.
Step6: Restart the computer, run the select normal mode, you can use the changed password “123456” Login “*****” Users of the below. After that you can get the password.

Method2: Following ususal Windows 2003P program instruction

Step1: First, the need for a U disk with a computer. Download a U disk system authoring software, installation is complete. Insert U disk. A key to make USB boot.
Step2: U disk system authoring software downloads. Place the system in order to make the U disk into the computer’s USB, boot into BIOB, set the boot sequence.

Step3: USB as the first boot entry. OK press F10. Restart the computer into the U disk system boot menu interface, select Run windows login password cracking.
Step4: After the break, reboot your computer (unplug the USB when the computer is turned off).
Honestly, this is a complex process for you to get past password on Toshiba laptop easily. So you can learn another easy way as below.

Using Windows Password Key to get past password on Toshiba laptop

Get Past Toshiba laptop password with the easiest Windows Password Recovery Tool-Windows Password Key, detail steps are below.


Step1: Download Windows Password Key and install it on a useful computer.
Step2: Use a CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows Password Key on it. Then insert the newly created CD/DVD or USB disk to the Toshiba laptop, and running Windows Password Key on this computer.

Step3: On this step, you need to choose a Toshiba laptop account that you want to get past password. Then restart your Toshiba laptop, you will find the password has been got.

A 3 steps tool-Windows Password Key can help you to reset Toshiba laptop password in safest and quickest way. And you can learn more details about Windows Password Key on Google.

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