ASUS t100 is quite a nice and durable personal computer to use. If you happen to buy this one, then you’re so lucky to own it! Just like other persons’ computer, you can also create a login password to protect your privacy. However, as we all know, once you lose the login password, you can’t do anything to your ASUS computer. There are both advantages and disadvantages when you create a password. You need to take a risk to it. So you may ask what to do if you have forgotten ASUS login password? It is not so complicated to do it. Just take advantage of a thumb drive and then your password will be reset. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss about how to reset ASUS t100 password with thumb drive successfully.

A thumb drive is equal to pen drive. You can use it to plug into any computer that has entrance. Thumb drive is really a kind of wonderful invention in the world. In many situation, it is able to replace CD/DVD. With this little drive, you can storage many space and electronic material to it.


How to Reset ASUS t100 Password with Thumb Drive?

Before using a thumb drive, you need to make use of the third-part software to reset ASUS password. Normally speaking, ASUS computer is installed with Windows system, and here we suppose your ASUS is a Windows-based computer. Then you are able to use Windows Password Key software to reset ASUS login password.

Windows Password Key is one of the best Windows password recovery tools in the world and also gets lot of better reviews in the social websites. It supports CD, DVD or USB flash drive and also supports all Windows system, including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/Server. No matter you lost local account password or Microsoft account password, you can always use it to reset login password. You can use it to reset, remove login password, or even to create a new Windows account.

Now let’s see how to use Windows Password Key to reset ASUS t100 password with thumb drive.
Step 1: Download Windows Password Key from official website or other software download center. Don’t forget to install it to another accessible computer.
Step 2: Launch this program and take out the thumb drive and then plug it into the accessible computer, burn the software to it. After that, plug the thumb drive to your locked Asus t100 laptop or desktop.

Step 3: Change BIOS setting of your ASUS t100 and let it boot from thumb drive. Restart the ASUS computer and then you will see the application user interface.

Step 4: Choose the locked account of the ASUS machine and then reset the password of it.

Well, that’s all about how to reset ASUS password with thumb drive. This method is the most convenient method so far. If you have any other nice solution, welcome to leave a comment to us.

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