Is my situation really accurred on you? Well, I’ve concluded several ways to recover my windows vista administrator’s password after that experience. I got a new computer installed with Windows Vista, I wanted to do a big thing without letting any other know, as I want to give surprise. I went to the Control Panel to set my accounts once and once again, intending to get a top-secret password. My cell phone rang at that time, and I closed the computer to hear the phone. After I came back and start the computer, oh, my God, I forgot the password! Well, the followung tips are collected by me, hoping can help you.

Method 1. Use Windows Vista installation disk

Insert Windows Vista installation disk to the CD-ROM drive, restart your computer, Do the setting under CMOS to boot the computer through CD. When the installation interface appears, click "Repair Your Computer"(repair system) in the subsequent pop-up dialog box, selcet the "Commanf Prompt". After the system calls the command prompt windows , enter "mmc.exe" and press "Enter", then the console will be called. Select the file "Add/Remove Adminstrative Unit", the system will pop up another dialog windows once again. In the left side of the dialog windows select "Local User and Groups", and then click "ok" to complete the adding process, After adding is completed, the system returns to the console interface, click "Local User and Groups" on the left side of the windows, then click "User" and the system will list al the users in the right side of the current windows. Right-click the user you are to crack, select "Set Password" in the pop-uo "Set Password for Users" dialog box, and click "Continue". The system pops up a windows for you to set a new password. At this point, the Vista system does not require you to enter the previous password, but to set a new password directly. After you enter a new password, clicl "Ok", and the system will pop up a dialog box, indicating the setting is successful.

Method 2. Use software programs to recovery the password

Well, I’m a computer fun and very interested in computer. Then the above methods are suitable for me, after several setting will do the job. However, there are still some friends who are not familiar with computer settings, What I said above just doesn’t make sense to them, does it? Well these friends are recommended to use computer software tools. Then you don’t have to touch those annoying terms but to follow the instructions with mouse clicking and pressing keys will be Ok. Windows Password Key 8.0 is highly recommened as it is just of this kind. It can automaticaly clear the administrator password and easy to operate.

Here is "How to Use Windows password key 8.0"

Step1: Choose the existing windows password key 8.0 image file.

You can click "Browse" to browse Windows Password key 8.0 image file. The file is usually located as the default.


Step2. Choose your CD/DVD drive:

select "CD/DVD" and specify the CD burning drive from the pull-down list, Insert a blank CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive.


Click "Burn" button.


Step3: The burning process starts.

Windows Password key 8.0 extracts the ISO image and copies the necessary files on a CD.


Step4. Put in your newly created CD and remove your windows password.

Other more detail you can go and veiw the website:

Hope it can help you!

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