How to switch to administrator in Windows 7 in the case that I forgot guest account password?” Actually to say, that problem is much complex to me, since I don’t know any professional orders about computer. But lucky enough to get the easy guide as below.

How to switch to the administrator in Windows 7

Step 1: Right-click “Computer” in the election, “management”, which has a “Local Users and Groups”.
Step 2: Then the Administrator right point, turn off the disabled. This is the administrator has full permissions.

Step 3: On here switch to the shutdown of the local administrator user, the other users can be deleted (after the deletion of the user’s desktop, and so on in the local information will be prompted again preserved).
Step 4: Here can completely operate your computer have all the authority.

How to switch to Windows under an administrator account

Windows 7 system login password is not set, but when you install the software always prompts: the account of your current non-administrator account, switch to an administrator account or elevate their privileges in your household before installation.

windows 7-5
Step 1: Right-click the file to install the program and choose “Run as administrator”, generally you can install it if you want to switch the system administrator login, you can do this: From the Start menu, find a search box, type CMD, and back car.

Step 2: Now enter the implementation of “net user administrator / active: yes” command.
Step 3: Finally, log off or reboot the system, you can use the super administrator account. If you do not want to use the super administrator account, supra, only to change it in the command yes no.

Windows 7 system how to modify the administrator password

Step 1: Start the computer Start menu, click on the lower left corner of the desktop. From the Start menu, select “Control Panel”.
Step 2: Go to Control Panel window, in the Control Panel window, select the “User Accounts”.

Step 3: Enter the “User Accounts” page. Click “Change Password” on page.
Step 4: Enter the password change page, enter the original password, then enter the new password.
Step 5: After the password is entered, click the “Change Password”, password change is successful, the “User Account” page.

How to switch to administrator in Windows 7 from Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key Enterprise-1
Windows Password Key is such a powerful tool that can help us reset or remove all versions Windows password in easy way.
Step 1: Download Windows Password Key and install it on any useful computer.

Step 2: Using the preparing CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows Password Key on it. Then insert the newly created disk to the computer.
Step 3: On here, you can select the Windows 7 account that you want to change or reset, after that you just need to restart the computer.

Top 3 ways on here to teach you how to switch to administrator in Windows 7 while entering the password. Having you mastered these methods?

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