“Oh no I lost my Acer laptop Windows Acer login password. I need your help. Does anyone know how to unlock Acer laptop Windows login password? I am locked out of it. Now I need to solve this problem. If you get the solution about it, please contact with me. Please share it with me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced. I really need to use my computer as soon as possible. Now I am locked out of it. I have no idea about it.”

Sometimes we need to use a laptop to work, to record daily life, to play games, to listen music, to chat with friends, etc. As a matter of fact, the laptop is not only can do these for us, we can use it to everything. To mention of, many laptop users create a login password for it. Therefore, once they lost Windows login password of the laptop, they may need to try the best to unlock it. Fortunately, take the Acer as an example, you can figure out the solutions from this article about how to unlock Acer laptop that is locked.


Measure 1: Unlock Acer Laptop with Password Hint

You can use the password hint to remove or reset your laptop password. This is the direct way because many laptops will prompt their users to create a password hint while they prepare to build the user account. Of course, you can refuse the password hint, but once you lost the login password, you will know how important this account is. This password hint will appear when you type the wrong password. So you may remind your password with the help of it.

Measure 2: Unlock Acer Laptop with Password Reset Disk

In this measure, you can unlock laptop password with the Windows password reset disk. It is another free way to solve the Windows wrong password problem. Once you get the laptop, you will receive the password reset disk. Usually, you don’t need the disk for quite a long time. However, once you lose the login password, you might as well find it out and use this magical disk to reset Acer laptop password.

Measure 3: Unlock Acer Laptop with Password Key

If you have no password hint and no password reset disk, you really need to try this Windows Password Key. It is a professional program to unlock password in Windows system. It supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP laptop and all the laptop brands including Acer, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, Toshiba, etc. There are 3 versions about it, which are Standard, Professional and Ultimate. You can see how to use it as below:
Step 1: Download Windows Password Key from HERE and then install it to another accessible laptop. Open it from your start button or the computer desktop.
Step 2: Use a USB to burn a bootable flash drive from the computer that is accessible. Then you need to insert this drive to your locked Acer laptop.
Step 3: Change the BIOS setting to start your Acer from this USB. Then restart it again, you will see the whole software user interface.
Step 4: Just choose the locked account you have lost and then remove the password, remove the account, or reset the password.

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