According to many Windows users, when they attempt to update Windows 10, they meet the problem of not enough storage space. You may not be aware of that in order to install Windows 10, your Windows system space need to remain at least 16GB storage space. If there is no enough space, you can’t install it successfully. In that circumstance, what to do when there is no enough storage space while installing Windows 10? Here you can see the solution as below.

How to solve the issue of no enough storage space when install Windows 10? Hey you just don’t need to worry about it too much! No need to give up installing Windows 10. No matter what Windows you want to install Windows 10, just to make use of Windows Care Genius to free up so many space in your Windows system. In the next, you will ask what the Windows Care Genius is. Just see its information as below.

Windows Care Genius is a toolkit that is able to clean up and optimize your Windows system. It supports all Windows systems. It contains 5 parts to recover your Windows PC, which are PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector and System Monitoring. It is your best protection for Windows system. Now you may ask if it is so powerful, how to use it. Yes, you can see how to use it as below.

How to use Windows Care Genius to optimize Windows system space? Hey you can follow the steps as below.
Step 1: Download this software from its official website and then install it to your present computer. This is the first of every software you would like to use. As a matter of fact, you can also try to download from other download center, but the best option is its official website. It is safe.
Step 2: After installing this tool, you can see the user interface of this program, with the color of blue and white. Then you are going to see the 5 parts of it. Also in the right side, there are also some other little function such as user account, iPhone Care, Force Deleter, Data Recovery, Folder & File Hider, Fast Search, Memory Optimizer, Program Uninstaller, Privacy Eraser, Big Files Manager, Context Menu, Computer Information and Process Monitor.

Step 3: If you would like to check up your Windows system, you can click the Checkup button with green color. If not, based on your situation here, just click the System Tuneup and go to next step.

Step 4: In this part of System Tuneup, you can see 5 submenu in the left side, which are System Optimizer, Disk Defrag, Startup Manager and Context Menu.

Step 5: The application will automatically check up how many items you can use to optimize. Also hint you that some optimized items will come into effect after PC reboot. Then you just need to click the Optimize button with color green. Then your Windows will free up so many space. Note that you can also click the System Default click under to bottom of this interface to get more information about the optimization.

Well, after this optimization of this Windows 10 Care Genius, your Windows system will get more storage space successfully. Then you can install Windows 10 freely! To get more information about Windows tips, you can visit its official website ->>

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