Twitter, the big social network announced an upcoming native Windows 8 app months ago. And on Mar. 13, 2013, it finally released a native Windows Store app for Windows 8.


Twitter has never had apps on Windows for PC before. But it delivered in October last year that it was working on a native Windows 8 app. Over the past year, Twitter has been creating a consistent experience across as many platform as possible, be it the Web, iOS, Android, OS X, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.


In its app description, Twitter said: “Twitter for Windows 8 brings you all the design, features and functionality of Twitter combined with the fast and fluid technology of Windows 8.” The company also said the app features two Windows charms for searching and making posts on Twitter. The search feature is similar to existing Twitter apps, allowing users to find specific accounts or filter by hash tags, while the other allows them to make posts using photos or text from a separate app.


Now the Twitter for Windows 8 app has lived in Microsoft’ Windows Store and Twitter also announced that the promised native Twitter client for Windows 8 and also Windows RT was available for free in the Windows Store. This should be great news for Twitter users running Windows 8, and also helpful to Microsoft, who has been suffering big pressure since the market of Windows 8 is less than satisfactory.


Twitter for Windows 8 app features Twitter’s Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs. Moreover, it has other features. There is Snap view, by which users can adjust the size of the Twitter app and use other apps alongside it. Photos can also be expanded or shown in a photo gallery. There are two new charms, Share and Search, by which users can tweet or search from any app. Besides, the Windows 8 app is also designed with Windows 8 in mind, which means it can make full use of tools such as the Live Tiles, which can trickle tweets fight to the Start Screen. You can also use Windows 8 gestures to do things like swipe photos back and forth.


Twitter for Windows 8 app surely brings fun and convenience to us. And if you want to recover Windows 8 local administrator or user password, you can try Windows Password Key to help you.


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