Nowadays,everything seems quite busy.We may forget our kids still stay in school waiting for us,forgets mother’s birthday as we are busy in our work.And then go to do all these things in a hurry.

But what if we’ve forgotten our Computer password like Windows 7 password?Of course there is nothing to fear if you have already created a Password Reset Disk.

Before losing Windows password

Usually,It is recommended that you create a Windows password reset disk when you create a password to your PC

Now,follow this to create your own password reset disk.You’ll need you’ll need removable media such as a USB flash drive or floppy disk.

1. Click Start button,then Contruol Panel.


2. In the control panel,click User Accounts,then click the account that you want to work with.

3. Under Related Tasks, click Prevent a forgotten password to start the Forgotten Password Wizard, and then click Next.


4. Insert a blank, formatted disk into drive A or USB and then click Next. In the Current user account password box, type the password for the user account that you chose in step 3, and then click Next.

5. follow the instructions. Make sure you store the password reset disk in a safe place.


But this method only use before you have lost the password.If you have lost Windows Password and you don’t have created a password reset disk,this method may not use for you.But no need to worry,I will show you an important way to create a password reset disk.

Note:Prepare a blank CD/DVD,or USB Flash drive.

Step 1: Since you can’t login to your PC (you have fogotten the password),you need to enter another Computer which can link to Internet.

Step 2: Then download Windows Password Key,it is a Windows password recovery software made by PasswordSeeker.

Step 3: Run and Install in that PC,burn the program to CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Then you have created a password reset disk,great.Then you can start to recover the lost password.

Step 1:Turn to your locked PC,insert the newly created CD/DVD or USB password reset disk.

Step 2: Reboot the PC,press “F2” to bios setup,move to the boot tag to see if the CD-ROM drive or Removeale drive in the first place.

Note:If you have burnt to a CD/DVD,make sure the CD-ROM drive in the first, or Removeable drive.

Step 3:Reboot the Computer again,and you will see Windows Password Key is initializing.Then follow the instructions to recover the password.

This password reset disk can be used next time when you or your friends have lost windows password,it is very convient.

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