The Windows 8 must have been running on many PC now, for those who want to upgrade to Windows 7 Microsoft’s $39.99 in-place upgrade is now available. And it’s quite easy to upgrade your computer from a Windows 7, Vista, or XP computer to Windows 8. Here are the details.

Talking about upgrade to Windows 8, the first thing that comes to us is Microsoft’s Windows 8 site. When you are on Microsoft’s store on line, find on the left the “Windows” options, and there you could feel free to choose Windows 8 Pro in the pull-down list of this option. You can get the downloadable installer for $39.99, or $69.99 to have them mail you a disc.

Once you click on the Download Pro link, it will give to your computer a small “stub” installer which is a 5 MB file that will run a compatibility check on your computer, telling you which programs will and won’t work in Windows 8, and let you know if you have to uninstall any of them.

When you finish running the stub, it’ll tell you how much of your current computer is compatible, and if there’s anything you’ll have to review. After letting you know whether there are details that will require your attention, it asks Windows 7 upgraders what they’d like to keep of their settings, apps, and personal files.

After that, it asks you to buy the upgrade. The ordering process happens in the installer, too. Once you’ve paid by either credit card or PayPal, it will start downloading the 2 GB installer. You get a choice of installing immediately, installing later, or creating a USB key or disc from which to run the installer.

After that, it prompts you to remove any programs that cause conflicts on Windows 8. If you have to restart your computer after uninstalling all the conflict programs, double-click on the Windows 8 installation icon on your desktop and it will quickly find where it left off. Once any conflicts are eliminated, Windows 8 will install. The installation process is very fast.

If you purchased a new PC on June 2 or later, Microsoft’s $15 Windows 8 Pro upgrades is available. That is quite an attractive discount. In order to do the upgrade you will need to know your PC’s model number, where you bought it and on what date. You’ll also need a phone number and a valid e-mail address, through which Microsoft could send out e-mails, directing users to an Upgrade Assistant at This online utility checks for compatibility and then guides you through the download and installation process. (The download comes in at about 2 GB.)

For those who want to upgrade a laptop, you must take note of your Wi-Fi passwords. Windows 8 will keep your settings, personal files, and programs if you upgrade from Windows 7. But for those upgrade from Vista and XP, re-install programs and reconfigure settings are necessary.



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