After your first copy of Windows Vista, how long did it take to install until you realize that you do not know an administrator password? For me it was about one weeks before I needed to a number of changes to the file-making system to make. Suddenly occurred to me that an administrator can create the User Account Control dialog go away, but I did not know the administrator password! What is the Vista default Administrator password?

Unlike earlier versions of Windows, Windows Vista does not automatically an Administrator account during installation. The theory is that the typical Windows user does not run with administrator privileges. Do not delete a non-Windows administrator account that a user accidentally the operating system folders, files and registry information, and prevent malware infecting your computer, do the same. However, if you really need to run as an administrator, you can simply activate the built-in Administrator account yourself.

Here are the basic steps to activate Vista’s Administrator account and assign it a password:

  • Logon Vista with a standard user account
  • From the Start menu, navigate to the Command Prompt menu item in the Accessories menu
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt menu item and select Run as Administrator
  • Click the Continue button on the User Account Control dialog box
  • At the command prompt, enter net user administrator password, and hit Enter
  • At the command prompt, enter net user administrator activate:yes, and hit Enter
  • At the command prompt, enter exit and hit Enter to close the command window
  • Log off and logon as Administrator using the password you selected

This process enabled a user account called Administrator assigns them full access and security privileges. The username is "admin" reserved, so you do not dass can create a user account with that name even if you do not have administrator account enabled Ass. Depending on the local password policy of the computer, could be prompted to enter a password with a minimum length or complexity, and not be allowed to use a blank password.

I Forgot my Vista Administrator Password!

The User Accounts in Control Panel and functions of the Create a password reset disk wizard. Using this wizard, a floppy disk or USB flash drive can be created that allows the password of a specific user on a specific Windows Vista-based computer to reset by the user. Possession of the reset disk is deemed to be authorized to reset the account password. The reset disk can then be recycled to reset the account password multiple times. However, you must know the password of the account you want the reset disk and you need the disk before you reset the password of the account password.

Use the Vista Password Recovery disk:

  1. Insert the floppy or USB reset disk in the computer
  2. Click the Reset password… item on the Vista logon screen to start the Password Reset Wizard
  3. Click the Next button
  4. Enter a new password
  5. Reenter the new password
  6. If prompted, enter a password hint
  7. Click the Next and Finished buttons
  8. Enter your new password to logon to the user account

I Didn’t Make a Password Reset Disk!

  OK, you can reset a lost Windows Vista password without a Vista password rest disk, but you won’t receive any help from Vista to do it. Instead, the Windows Password Key 8.0 is your ticket. This password recovery tool not only works on Windows Vista, but also on all releases of Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. It works by booting from a CD or USB flash drive and selecting a few options in a command line menu interface. (Booting this password tool from a cd disk or usb flash drive is possible, but is not currently supported for Vista.)

NOTE: If you change the administrator password on Windows XP or Windows Vista using the encrypted file system (EFS), all encrypted files become inaccessible. The password for the Administrator account is used to create the encryption key EFS. Changing the administrator account using the original password should restore access to encrypted files, but I tried.

Here are the basic steps. If you need more detailed information, read the FAQ.

  1. Download and burn the ISO file on to a CD or USB flash drive
  2. Boot from the CD or USB flash drive

    To reboot your PC with a CD/DVD disk, it’s necessary to change your computer’s setting to make it boot from the CD/DVD.

    Click here To learn how to set BIOS to boot from the CD/DVD-ROM

    Click here To learn how to set BIOS to boot from the USB Flash Drive

  3. When the CD/DVD or USB disk boots, you’ll see Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 is initializing .
  4. Select Windows installation to be processed
  5. Select the user name whose password you want to reset and click "Reset" button to reset the password.
  6. A message is displayed. Click "Yes" to confirm your action. Or, click "No" to undo your selection.
  7. "Success" message is displayed after the user’s password has been successfully reset.
  8. You have changed your forgotten password to a blank one. Remove the Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive and click “Reboot” button to reboot the computer. Now you are able to log into your computer without a password! .
  9. Remove the CD or USB flash drive and reboot the computer

The possibility for forgotten passwords and gain administrative access to the computer and reset can save much time, but it was just an attempt by an IT professional. With sophisticated tools for manipulating the system, you can easily make things worse rather than better.

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