You may think that we are not supposed to be able to log onto Windows without knowing the password. But sometimes, we have no second choice.

If this is true then we will never guarantee the security of our computer. Yes, but keep two things in mind. First, it doesn’t reveal the password; it removes it. That way, if someone breaks into your PC with this technique, you’ll know something is fishy the next time you boot. Second, the logon password really doesn’t protect all that much to begin with.

To remove the password, you’ll need Windows Password Key –a bootable program. You can either use a CD or USB to help you do the recovery. Either way, you’ll have to download the program on another computer you have access to.

Quickly Reset Windows 8 Password with Windows Password Key

Step 1. Download and Install Windows Password Key

To finish Step 1, you need a computer which you could have free access to and then download and install Windows Password Key to this computer. The installation process is quick, which only takes about 2 minutes.

Step 2. Burn Windows Password Key to CD/DVD or USB Drive

You are allowed to use either a CD/DVD or USB drive to finish this step; here we choose a USB flash drive for an example.

Launch the program in the computer you have access to. Then insert the USB drive into the CD-ROM drive and specify the USB burning drive from the pull-down list of the USB Flash Drive options on the software interface. Finally click “Burn” button to start burning an ISO image file to the USB drive.

When the burning is completed put the Kingston DataTravelerMini (the USB flash drive we chose to burn) to the password locked computer.

Step 3. Change BIOS Settings

Before we start to reset Windows 8 password, it is necessary to change BIOS boot sequence to make it boot from USB. First start the locked Windows 8 Computer, press “Del” or “F2” button while the computer is initializing. The initial startup screen may be similar as the image below. Go to the boot menu and change bios setting to make it boot from USB firstly.

When you finish BIOS change, press F10 to save your chansges, and then restart this computer.

Step 4. Reset the password with the USB Drive

  1. When the computer starts you will see the interface of Windows Password Key. Choose the target Windows OS you want to reset password for, click “Next” to continue.
  2. All the user names will be displayed, select the user accounts whose password you want to reset and click “Next” to reset the password.
  3. “Congratulation” message is displayed after the user’s password has been successfully reset. Click “Reboot” to restart computer.
  4. In the pop-up window click “Restart Now” to restart the computer. Now you have successfully reset Windows 8 login password to a blank one and you are able to log into your computer without a password.

By the way, I tried another program that many people like: Ophcrack. This one, which is also bootable and has a much friendlier interface, actually tells you the correct password. But it only works with short and simple passwords. As a result I think it is better to use Windows Password Key to access computer without password, which improves the chance of accessing my password-locked computer.

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