clip_image002How to reset your forgotten password?

Forgot windows 2000 password? Need to reset your window 2000 administrator login for free? Then prepare some coffee cup and do a little reading. If you forgot your windows 2000 login infomation, you can’t get access to your computer with normal methods. You can’t get access to your personal files, my documents folder or sometimes anything you saved in your computer. I have also experienced this gloomy situation few times earlier, but now I know simple ways to reset my password and get into my previous administrator account easily. You can also feel the previous windows settings too. Ok! Let’s get start to learn gow to reset your windows 2000 administrator password easily.

There are many ways to reset your admin passwprd.

First I’ll explain you the simplest way to recover your login info. If it fails to reset your windows password infomation, you can try more advanced steps to recover your administrator account later. Let’s begin.

Using default administrator login

If you leave yor administrator password field blank when installing windows 2000 on your computer, it’s really possible t get access to your computer. Just trun on your computer and wait for your login sreen. If you see login windows just hit Ctrl+Alt+Del keys in same time twice. Now it will appear a new classic style login window. Now type Administrator for Usemane field and leave password field blank and try to login to your computer as a system administrator. If you can successfully login to your system, now you can easily reset your windows 2000 password. Just click start> control panel> user accounts and change or reset your password as you want. Remember that, this method will only work if you already leave your admin password field blank when installing windows operation system. So if it fails to recover your login infomation with this way , then you can try following other methods.

Using windows pasword key 8.0 to recovery    

This method will tame some time about 20 minuttes. But it’s really possible to reset your forgotten password with this amzing trick. Just download windows password key 8.0 from

This is a CD image file with the password resetting software that you can easily burn into a blank CD. this tool is made by PasswordSeeker, they also provide tutorials about how to use this software to reset your forgotten windows 2000 administrator password easily, So you can take it easy to use it and choose the latest version that supports many operating systems. So to be careful while choosing the most suitable edition that supports your operating system.

I found this software by searching Google for about 5 days, finally, I found this very effective password recovery tool to reset my windows 2000 password instantly.

If this method also didn’t help you to reset your forgotten windows password, Ok! Let’s talk about third method.

Windows 2000 password login

Just prepare your Windows 2000 bootable installation CD and be ready to repair process. Put your disk in to CD Rom drive and restart your computer. Now press any key on your keyboard when it asks for Press any key to boot from CD. Then wait some minutes until setup loads all necessary windows setup files to the system memory. Now setup will ask you what you want to do. Now click R and select your previous windows xp installation path. Now simply begin your repair process and setup will start copying files into your hard disk. Now wait a little while thinking about your forgotten passwords and personal data. Don’t worry! They will come again. After completing the copying process, it will reboot your computer within 15 seconds. Now your PC will restart and again ask for “Press any key to boot from CD”. Please avoid hitting on any key again. Just stay normal to begin windows 2000 repair process. Now we enter to the most important part of windows 2000 password resetting task. Now setup will begin to repair your computer and keep your eyes always on small progress bar. If you see “Installing Drivers”, immediately press both Shift and F10 keys same time. This is a huge security hole in windows 2000. Many people don’t know about this risk. Now a command prompt window will appear on your screen. However, now you’ll be able to access to your administrator account directly. Simply type”nusrmgr.cpl” (without quotes) and hit enter. Wow! You just accessed to the graphical style User Accounts window in control panel. Simply create a new user account with administrator privileges. Now exit from both control panel and command prompt and continue with your windows 2000 repairing process. After completely repairing your previous windows 2000 installation, you can login to your newly created Administrator account and change or reset your existing windows login password. This trick will work only with Windows 2000 home, professional, pro, media center editions, SP1, SP2 and SP3. I think your Windows version is a one of above windows editions.

Now I have explained you 3real methods to reset and recover your forgotten windows login passwords. You can also use 2th and 3th ways to bypass non windows passwords like Mac, Linux and Ubuntu. If you have any problem suggestions about my windows 2000 password hub, Please leave a comment. I’ll update my hub when I found something new about recovering your forgotten administrator passwords. So, let’s reset our computer password without any delays.

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